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The Holiday Spectrum by srebak
The Holiday Spectrum
I once saw a picture with the Lantern Color spectrum associated Disney characters, so i decided to do one for the Holidays (it just came to me at random).

The Blue Lantern Corps= New Years Eve - The HOPE that we live to see the beginning a whole New Year.

The Star Sapphire Corps = Valentine's Day - The power of love is what this holiday is all about

The Green Lantern Corps = Saint Patrick's Day and Graduation - The first one is for obvious reasons, but the second one; well, if you want that High School diploma, you'll need willpower above all else. The willpower to keep on going and to stick to your schoolwork.

The White Lantern Corps = Easter/Springtime - That time of year when newborn and reborn life is practically everywhere in nature.

The Sinestro Corps and the Black Lantern Corps = Halloween - The 31st of October is the time to celebrate both Fear and Death.

The Indigo Lantern Corps = Thanksgiving and Christmas - Both occasions are ideal times to show compassion towards someone; be it by inviting them to a fabulous Turkey dinner or by offering them a gift given with love.

The only Lantern colors i couldn't match up with something were Red and Orange (there are no holidays that celebrate or even incorporate Rage and Avarice).
Xiaolin Armor for the Heylin Monks by srebak
Xiaolin Armor for the Heylin Monks
A while back, i posted a picture of the Xiaolin Monks' evil counterparts; the Heylin monks. Well, around the same time i made that picture, i also made this one: them in their showdown armor.

As you can see, i inverted the colors, gave them new symbols, added a few spikes and fins, and even had them show of some of their powers (seemed like a good idea at the time). 

While we're on the subject, i would also to point out that i even came up with a few moves for them, each one an evil opposite to the Xiaolin Monks' moves:

Heylin Pluto, Ice - Wudai Neptune, Water

Heylin Mercury, Metal - Wudai Crater, Earth

Heylin Venus, Lightning - Wudai Mars, Fire

Heylin Black Hole, Smoke - Wudai Star, Wind 

Heylin Supernova Formation - Wudai Orion Formation

What do ya think?
Ekaj Gnol by srebak
Ekaj Gnol
As i've said many times in the past, i'm in the process of writing a fan-made Sequel series for "American Dragon: Jake Long". I'm calling it: "American Dragon: Way of the Firebreathers", and here is one of the main antagonists for Season One: Ekaj Gnol.

In my last picture, i showed a group called the D.O.R.C.S., and this guy right here, is their leader. Ekaj has always been something of an enigma to the rest of his team, and he tries to keep it that way, only letting the others know the occasional factoid about him from time to time. One thing is for certain though: out of all the members of the D.O.R.C.S., he is the only one who has actually met their mysterious benefactor, and as a result, brings them direct orders from him like a herald of ancient times. As far as his armor goes: well, in addition to being armed with state of the art weaponry, it is also designed to blend in and work around his "special abilities".

Although his reasons and motives are shrouded in mystery, even to his teammates, Ekaj Gnol harbors a deep-seeded hatred for almost everyone Jake Long has ever come in contact with, sans only Rose, who he wants for his own. Jake and co. will learn the reason behind this, eventually; but when they do, they will find out that it is quite shocking.
American Dragon: WotF The D.O.R.C.S. by srebak
American Dragon: WotF The D.O.R.C.S.
As i've said in the past, i'm in the process of writing a fan-made Sequel series to "American Dragon: Jake Long". I'm calling it: "American Dragon: Way of the Firebreathers", and here are some of the Antagonists i plan to use in Season One: The D.O.R.C.S.


Organization of




This is a group of past villains, all rallied together for one main purpose: Revenge on the American Dragon and his friends and family.

You see, after each of them suffered a respective defeat at the hands of Jake Long and/or the members of his inner circle, the members of this little group were each brought back to their former status quo, thanks to some assistance from a mysterious benefactor, who also proceeded to "upgrade" some of them as well. This unseen supporter offered the D.O.R.C.S. a chance to avenge themselves on Jake and co., as well as a vast assortment of weaponry to aid them on their mission, but not without a catch, two catches to be precise. One of which was that one of the mysterious benefactor's lieutenants would be placed in command of this group, enter Ekaj Gnol (the armored guy in the back). The other condition was that when the unseen supporter needed a job done, they would do it, or suffer the consequences. The D.O.R.C.S. agreed to these terms, if only to finally get back to doing what they do best in far greater strength. But what they don't know is that their mysterious benefactor has bigger plans for them still, much bigger.

The D.O.R.C.S. Roster, From Right to Left:

Eli Excelsior Pandarus - The Wizard of Wall Street and a well-known New York City entrepreneur. I have to admit, this is kind of a last minute inclusion, and i've still yet to come up with a reason behind his willful membership. Still though, having him in the group just seemed like a good idea

The Kelpie (from "Something Fishy This Way Comes") - After being defeated and captured by Jake and Detective Derceto, the Kelpie was returned to prison, where he then met two other Water world felons: Vicky Fickling and Francisco Tiburon. All three were freed from prison by their new mysterious benefactor and all three were "enhanced" as a signing bonus for their joining of the D.O.R.C.S. In the Kelpie's case, it was the new alteration in his shape-shifting ability: now, instead of having to feed on someone to shape-shift, he can now do it at his leisure at any time. This makes him the most unpredictable member of the D.O.R.C.S.

Pooka-Pooka (from "Haley Gone Wild") - After just narrowly escaping the wrath of a furious Haley Long (which he needed time to heal from, by the way), the former Kid's Show star, Pooka-Pooka, went into hiding within the magical underground. There he stayed, until representatives of the D.O.R.C.S.' future benefactor approached him and offered him a chance to be apart of a team that had the muscle to protect him from dragons. Naturally, Pooka-Pooka accepted this offer, though, it was much to his chagrin when he found out that he would have to be pulling his own weight within the group. In terms of his purpose in the D.O.R.C.S., well, due to his small stature, there's not much he can add physically. However, because of his small size, he's usually the go-to guy in the group when it comes to sneaking into places and stealing something. Also, he is surprisingly proficient in using some of the weapons that the D.O.R.C.S. are provided with.

Francisco Tiburon - Once, this vicious Shark Man led a group of thugs that terrorized the Pacific ocean. But when he and his men tried to use Neptune's Trident to flood and conquer the upper world in "Feeding Frenzy", they were all thwarted and captured by Jake Long, and sent to prison. Tiburon, exclusively, was sent to a specific prison, where he met two other Aquatic criminals: Vicky Fickling and the Kelpie. All three were eventually freed from their imprisonment, thanks to the man who would soon be their group's benefactor, and all three were then "enhanced" as a signing bonus for joining the D.O.R.C.S. In Tiburon's case, said enhancement was him swapping his left hand hook for a bionic hand, armed with a variety of weaponry. Including the shards of a mystical gemstone which allows him to manipulate water and keep himself moisturized for long periods of time. With this new weapon and his old gang, who were also freed from incarceration, Tiburon holds a spot as one of the D.O.R.C.S.' most dangerous members. Though, his dominating personality often puts him at odds with the rest of the group, particularly the Kelpie.

Vicky Fickling - At one point, this young, bespectacled, teenager was seen as nothing more than a geeky wall flower attending Jake's Middle School. But when she got indirectly spurned by Jake, during an attempt to go out with him, in favor of a prettier girl, Danika Hunnicutt, Vicky revealed her true nature as both a magical being and a villainess. In truth, Vicky is actually a Siren: a mystical sea creature that has the power to magically hypnotize any man that hears their song. She attempted to use this ability to frame Danika for various attempts on the hypnotized Jake's life, before ultimately finishing the job herself. But when she was finally found out, she was defeated by Trixie Carter and was sent to an undersea prison as a result. There, she became acquainted with two other crooks of the sea: The Kelpie and Francisco Tiburon. All three of them were broken out of prison though, thanks to the D.O.R.C.S. mysterious benefactor, and as an added incentive to join the D.O.R.C.S., she and her fellow marine inmates were offered a chance to be "enhanced" as a signing bonus. In Vicky's case, it was having her Siren voice slightly altered. Now, in addition to being able to use her siren song to hypnotize people, Vicky can also use a sonic scream of sorts (ala Black Canary), one that's capable of knocking down several people at once. While Vicky does still hold a grudge against Trixie for what happened in "Siren Says", she also seems to harbor a growing grudge for Jake's new love interest, Rose, for obvious reasons.

Shackles Jack - In life, Jack was a mere prisoner during the American Civil War. But many years later, he would return from as a ghost, along with several other long-dead inmates he knew back in the day. Together, they all became obsessed with finding new human bodies and gaining them by means of magic. Jake and co. put a stop to them soon enough, of course, and they did it by turning the ghosts' own spell against them. With one small action regarding the ghosts' most important spell ingredient, Jake imprisoned Jack and his cronies in the very item they saw as their tool for victory, with hopes that they would stay there for good. But their imprisonment was cut short when the benefactor for the D.O.R.C.S. sent his representatives to find their prison and release the spirits. With his new found freedom, Shackles Jack is given an offer: if he joins the D.O.R.C.S. on their mission, he would be given a specific spell as a signing bonus: a spell that would allow him and his men to touch and feel like living people, but still allow them to keep their powers as ghosts. Seeing this as a better deal than just becoming human again, Shackles Jack accepts and he and his cronies become very scary faces within the D.O.R.C.S.

The Gorgon Sisters - Fury, Euryale and Medusa; all three of them together formed the fearsome gorgon trio that terrorized the ancient world. Together, these three sisters possessed the shared ability to turn anyone they looked at into stone, but when the three of them were confronted by a Greek Warrior dedicated to stopping them, their own magical ability was used against them, and they were all imprisoned in stone themselves. There they remained for many centuries, until they were finally released in the modern era, twice. Fortunately, thanks to Jake Long's friends, Trixie Carter and Arthur P. "Spud" Spudinski, they were defeated and re-imprisoned in stone both times, save only their leader, Fury, who escaped the second re-imprisonment in "Furious Jealously". She went into hiding for a while after that, mainly because she made a shocking discovery: the source of her power, her second Phoenician bracelet, was running low on magical energy. Apparently, while Fury's original bracelet was made to have a perpetual amount of magical energy, the second one she had was only made to only have a specific amount of magical energy, and it was running low, thanks to her last battle with Jake and co. That was when she was approached by one of the "Mystery Man"'s representatives, who not only offered her a much stronger Phoenician bracelet, but also a chance to free her sisters. Fury accepted this offer, but only because she intended to betray her new "ally" the first chance she got. However, Fury would soon realize that by accepting this offer, she actually bound herself and her sisters to the deal, whether they liked it or not. Still though, when they found out that revenge against Jake and his Inner Circle was the goal of the D.O.R.C.S., they became willing to let that one slide.

Just so we're clear, none of the D.O.R.C.S. were too kean on the acronym D.O.R.C.S., as it was spelled to sound like DORKS. However, Ekaj Gnol came up with the group name because he wanted a scary sounding acronym, much to his chagrin when found out what the end result spelled.


United States


No journal entries yet.


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